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(Article written by Leandro for the website Hidden History - The former dwellers of the Earth)

Harakhte, one of the most important deities of Ancient Egypt, is often depicted with a red globe on his head, I believe it to be Planet Mars, that is, as we have analyzed before, where they collected part of the material resources to build the temples here on Earth.

Harakhte and Mars.

Harakhte! Great god, lord of heaven, lord of Earth, who cometh forth from the horizon. He illuminateth the Two Lands, the sun of darkness, as the great one, as Re.

J. H. Breasted, Ancient Records of Egypt, Part Three, 3

Harakhte on his throne in the heavens.

Let's take a look at the inscriptions...

Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.

There is a figure that, according to our modern historical comprehension, couldn't be among these hieroglyphs, the last one of the first row. It shows a serpent, and inside the serpent is a very familiar place, it shows the African Continent in the center, as it looked more than 5.000 years ago, part of Eurasia, and a small part of South America, as seen from space. They depicted planets inside snakes.

Notice the space between Africa and Europe (Mediterranean Ocean), and the two points where the continents connect (Spain and Saudi Arabia). On the far right it's possible to see even a small part of the Island of Madagascar, and a small portion of the coastline of Brazil on the base; besides, obviously, the Atlantic and Indic oceans:

World Map by the Ancient Egyptian civilization.

The precision of the contours and proportions of the continents is of a quality that has only recently been equalled.

The symbol beside the Earth represents map. Maybe it is one of the maps used by Piri Reis thousands of years later?

This world map by the ancient egyptian civilization can be the oldest map in the world, and therefore, the first map to show the Earth seen from space.

September 29, 2007

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