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The Earth is old, and there are many stories that weren't told

(Article written by Leandro for the website Hidden History - The former dwellers of the Earth)

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Cave painting of a dinosaur in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Comparison of a brontosaur, an animal theoretically extinct 65 million years ago, and a figure found in the Peruaçu Valley, in the state of Minas Gerais. Did they see one?
The first human inhabitants of the region are believed to have appeared 11 thousand years ago.

Cave painting of a dinosaur in Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Photo: Prefeitura de Januária

Can you guess which landscape is from Mars and which one is the Morocco desert? Answer at the bottom of the page


This rock is in the Parque Municipal da Pedra Montada, in Guararema, Brazil. The 'L' shaped corner resembles some of the structures from Ancient Egypt.

Side view of a rock with an edge, in Guararema, Brazil.      Front view of a rock with an edge, in Guararema, Brazil.

Naqsh-e Rostam is located in Iran, 12 km northwest of Persepolis. There are the colossal tombs of the Persian emperors, including the tombs of Darius the Great and Xerxes. Four of them are completed, the fifth tomb was not finished.

Tombs of the persian kings.      Tombs of the persian kings.

Aerial view of the 'moai' on the rock. Easter Island.

Easter Island.

Domus de janas or 'house of fairies' is the name given to these strange chambers excavated into the rock found in Sardinia, Italy. They are over 4 thousand years old.

House of fairies.   House of fairies.   House of fairies.

Not only the Egyptians had their sphinx. This one is in Babele, Romania. They say it was sculpted by the winds...

Sphinx in Romania.

Asteroids and meteors are not as relevant to the history and development of the planets as they are portrayed today. What happens is a big play of interests. The importance of those loose space rocks have never been accepted until the late 1950's, when planetary science started growing and they became aware of what's going on 'out there'. Theories were embraced, not because they were valid, but because certain things needed to be addressed to shape the mind of the public before they could speak about the geology of our neighboring planets.

Here they are, they are not perfectly round, don't create spherical craters with a notch in the rim, and don't disappear.

Meteorites in Iowa, United States, 1875.    Willamette meteorite, Oregon, United States.    Iron meteorite photographed on Mars by the Opportunity rover, in 2005.    Bocaiuva meteorite, found in Minas Gerais in 1965, Brazil. UFMG Astronomy Group.

Comparison between a crater on the Asteroid 253 Mathilde, seen by the NEAR spacecraft in 1997, and a UFO filmed during the NASA's STS-75 Mission, in 1996 - this should explain the huge craters.

Asteroid 253 Mathilde exhibits craters of extraction of the soil with characteristic shape and consistent with the unidentified objects filmed on the STS-75 Mission.

Sirenum crater, on Mars.

Crater of extraction of the soil on Mars.

And another:

Characteristic gap in martian crater.

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