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(Article written by Leandro for the website Hidden History - The former dwellers of the Earth)

Although we find sightings accounts of unidentified flying objects throughout the ancient world, the most impressive cases are those that go unnoticed before our eyes.

What happens is that the human vision can only perceive a very small extent of the electromagnetic spectrum, this zone of visible light begins at 400 Terahertz and goes up to 750 Terahertz, and it encompasses all the colours and hues that we know. Below the visible zone is the Infrared-light zone, much used in remote controls, and above the visible zone begins the Ultraviolet-light frequency.

Electromagnetic spectrum.

Unfortunately for us, the spectacle seems to occur in the frequencies above the visible light, in the Extreme Ultraviolet, X-Rays and Gamma Rays.

This is a mapping of the sky created by a Gamma Ray sensitive telescope. The central zone concentrates emissions from our Milky Way; the circles are emissions from supernovas, solar flares, neutron stars, black holes, and active galaxies. The triangles are detections from unidentified emitters.

Gamma ray sky.

Another interesting fact is that one or two Gamma Ray bursts are daily detected in some region of the universe, and these explosions are the brightest that exist in the whole cosmos, liberating in few seconds energy hundreds of times greater than in a supernova explosion. The origin of this phenomenon of extraordinary magnitude remains unexplained.

But the occurences aren't new, it's just that only now we have the instruments that allow us to investigate them. If you could observe with X-Ray vision, the sky would look much more active than we know it.

These are images published by NASA, obtained with the Galex telescope, sensitive to the Ultraviolet waves. They are in 4 frames, and show some beams of light crossing the sky at high speed.

(click for larger view)

UFO in the ultraviolet frequency.                  UFO in the ultraviolet frequency.

Notice that these objects can't be meteorites or commets, because they are being picked up by instruments sensitive to Ultraviolet Rays, namely, emissions that are as energetic as the Solar ionizing radiation.

On these links you can download the clips from the NASA website in '.mov' format:

You'll be astounded.

December 19, 2007

Updated on January 20, 2010

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